As ORGE Integrated Roof Solutions, we have the luxury of producing polycarbonate sheets of different thicknesses, sections and widths, thanks to our regular mold, machinery and know-how investments in polycarbonate extrusion technology. In this way, we have an important market place in the world with our plates in roof, window, greenhouse, patio, pool closure, canopy and facade applications. Our plates, which we produce in different sections and thicknesses from 4mm to 55mm, are delivered to the final consumer with different surface treatments such as infrared, antigraffiti, UV matte, double-sided UV.


  • Advantages
  • Easy and low cost installation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Resistance to UV rays and hail
  • Light transmittance


Thermal insulation 1,8 W/m²K
Sound insulation 16 dB
Linear thermal expansion 0,065mm/m°C
Temperature range -40°C +120 °C
U.V. sun protection Coextrusion
Fire reaction EN 13501-1 EuroClass B-s1,d0
Special Transactions 
4 Radius of cold bend of the plate fixed by
Sheet Thickness 4,5-2P 6-2P 8-2P 10-2P 10-4P 16-3P 16-RDC 16-6W 20-RDC 20-6W 25/32/40-7W 25/32/40-11W
Radius (mm) 750 1.000 1.500 1.750 2.000 2.800 3.500 2.800 4.000 3.400 Büküm Yok

Easy installation

Heat Welding

Polycarbon® sheets (up to 10 mm thick) can be supplied with heat source, depending on the customer's request, in order to prevent dust, etc. from entering the inner parts.

Mouth Sealing Tape

Adhesive tapes are available at various heights for both open mouths of the sheets.

  • Band height 19mm for 4.5,6mm boards
  • Belt height 25mm for 8.10mm boards
  • Tape height 38mm for 16mm boards
  • Belt height 60mm for 25,32,40mm boards.

Mounting Plug

The boards must be fixed to the structure using a special Mounting Plug with a gasket to provide a waterproof structure and allow the material to expand as the temperature changes.

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